The Latest Technology

Little Crown Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry as well as its patients benefit from not only a plethora of innovative and advanced treatment options, but also an array of modern technology and machines to provide the best possible experience.

Some of our amazing technology includes:

Digital Radiographs

Digital Radiographs are precise X-rays with less radiation, allowing a safer experience for all of our patients. Our machine also offers a more enhanced image than traditional X-rays, giving us better information to work with and cater your treatment around.

iTero Scanner

An iTero scanner is a new technology used in the treatment of Invisalign patients, as well as the creation of retainers to keep a patient’s teeth in place after many kinds of treatment. The iTero is a hand-held wand that is used by a doctor or trained assistant to document and create a 3D model of a patient’s mouth. It is easy and comfortable for both the operator and the patient throughout the process, and takes only minutes to complete a scan. Once the scan is complete, a mold of the patient’s mouth and jaw can be 3D printed to create incredibly precise aligners and retainers to offer the best results.