How exciting it is for a child to have their first tooth, keep it for many years, and then finally to lose it. Our Pediatric Dentist office is here for your children through all their milestones.


Whether your child is already comfortable in the dental chair or needs extra time and attention, we are here to help develop children into life-long happy dental patients.


Our Board Certified Pediatric Dentists believe in individualized plans for dental decay prevention, anticipatory guidance, and considering every child’s unique needs. Our doctors will give you recommendations based conversations with you and your child. Designed around the needs of you and your family, we are a Pediatric Dental office that is comfortable and friendly for children of all ages. Welcome to the family – whether you join our Claremont Pediatric Dentist office, Sierra Madre Pediatric Dentist office or South Pasadena Pediatric Dentist office.


As a part of caring for children, we are conscious about the environment. We try to minimize waste products, reduce paper use, use recycled products, and minimize power usage, without compromising an ounce of care. For example, we use digital radiographs, which reduces radiation exposure to the patient and eliminates film and chemical processing waste. Help us improve the Earth for the next generation. We practice eco-friendliness at the Claremont kids dentist, Sierra Madre kids dentist and South Pasadena kids dentist locations.


It is important for us to create a “dental home” for our patients. We want to be a resource for your children’s oral health for the first two decades of their life. Our board certified Pediatric Dentists’ #1 priority is to care for your kids like they are our own kids.


You have a hand in your child’s care. Rest assured with your children will be cared for with the LOWEST dosage of radiographs with the most up-to-date technology, including digital radiographs.


Our kids dental practice, in San Gabriel Valley, specializes in Pediatric Dentistry. Pediatric dentistry, a specialty within dentistry, requires advanced training at a certified residency program for an additional two years after dental training. Because of this, a Pediatric Dentist approaches treatment very differently than a “family” or “kids” general dentists. We exclusively address the dental needs of all children, including those with special needs. To find out more about Pediatric Dentistry, follow the link to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.


Our talented doctors have unique backgrounds, show compassion for our patients, and have the best training. They are Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.
As a team, we offer the most coverage for the needs of your family, whether you are seen in our Claremont Pediatric Dentistry office, Sierra Madre Pediatric Dentistry office, or South Pasadena Pediatric Dentistry office.


years old ADA recommends orthodontic evaluation


months old when we recommend the first dental visit


easy steps for cavity prevention (ask about our 3.2.1)


“baby” primary teeth